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Dent connects you to Atlanta's best Dent Repair technicians

Dent makes it easy for you to get your car fixed, quickly & efficiently. We bring you multiple repair estimates within 48 hours.

 PS it's FREE!

Tell us about your car & the damage

Upload pictures of the damage

Receive quotes from local repair technicians

One application, multiple estimates!

Dent gives you multiple estimates without having to call or visit a single location. Select the best technician for you based on availability, pricing or location.


No need to call multiple shops and sharing the same story over & over, hassle about estimates and checking if they accept insurance.

All Dents (and more) Welcome

Estimates for:

Car Scratch repair




Why Use Dent?

Because we make it easy to have your car looking great again!

Car Detailers in Atlanta on Dent
Sample Reviews

1. Convenience

Multiple estimates, delivered in one email. Save yourself time, hassle, and headaches with Dent.  

2. Transparency

No estimate is the same. Compare prices, ratings and locations to find a professional that suits you. 

3. Flexibility 

With Dent, you can choose the professional based on their availability and location so you can schedule a service that fits your schedule. 

How Does Dent Work?

Once a repair job is posted to our system, we notify nearby businesses and enable them to submit estimates based on the required repair work. We then share the best ones with you based on your preferences. Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to have their vehicles repaired while also helping service providers attract more business through our platform. 

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